Across the country, April is recognized as Child Abuse Prevention Month. State and local agencies and concerned citizens all work toward the common purpose of preventing child abuse and deliver a powerful, collective message about the importance of protecting children, supporting families and strengthening communities.

The theme for our Child Abuse Prevention Month activities is “It’s Your Turn to Make a Difference”.  The campaign asks adults to remember a special teacher, mentor, family member or coach who made a positive difference in their lives – and encourages them to pay it forward by supporting children and youth in their community.

It is a theme that encourages good citizenship as a means to keep children free from abuse and neglect.

The “It’s Your Turn” campaign also incorporates Prevent Child Abuse America’s symbol for prevention – the pinwheel, and the Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign.

Click here to download a calendar of activities occurring nearly every day in West Virginia during Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Please check out our CAP Month Fact Sheets for helpful tips and suggestions that you can share to support optimal child development and help EVERY child in West Virginia grow up free from abuse and neglect.

There are activities you can do EVERY day to help build protective factors that prevent child abuse and neglect.  For some helpful ideas check out the National Child Abuse Prevention Month Resource Website.

You can also click here to download the 2016 Child Abuse Prevention Month Resource Guide.

You can also show your support by emailing us a picture of you holding a Pinwheel for Prevention and we will add it to our Pinwheels for Prevention Gallery!